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How to be more memorable at interview
Daily Mail piece on how to stay in an interviewer’s memory.

Life outside London
Metro – reminding readers that there is a working life outside London

How smart people undersell themselves at interview

Avoiding rookie mistakes in a job search

5 rookie mistakes to avoid when job searching

Interview on Share Radio on job interviews:

The Tonic – tips for older job applicants

‘We don’t hire people like you’: what happens when you’re out of work and 50-something

TotalJobs – What interviewers see and hear

What interviewers see and hear

MBA World – Authentic Networking: Why ‘sell yourself’ may be the least useful advice you’ll ever receive

John Lees is featured in this article on resilience:

How to cope with anything

How to cope if everything in the interview goes wrong:

How to ace your interview presentation and get the job:

My blog piece for The Guardian on the etiquette of following up if an interview went brilliantly

My blog piece for Harvard Business Review about whether it’s dangerous to look for a job you will love…

What work will make you happiest? Try my online quiz at

Quoted in a piece on career happiness for Global Matters, a blog from the London School of Business & Finance

James Curran’s podcast interview with me focused on my book ‘How To Get A Job You Love’:

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