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Career Coach Masterclasses 

Having run this programme for many years, John Lees has announced that the masterclasses running in October 2018 will be the last public programmes scheduled. John will continue to run Career Coach Masterclasses in-house or for groups of coaches. Do get in touch if you’d be interested in making a booking.

These two stand-alone one day workshops are designed to provide delegates with a range of new career coaching strategies and tools. We expect delegates to have some experience of helping clients with career issues, but you don’t need to have extensive experience as a career coach.

As featured in the Sunday Times, John Lees offers two one-day career coach training programmes based on his highly acclaimed publication How to Get a Job You Love.   The Masterclasses are aimed at coaches, recruitment specialists, and HR professionals who would like to add the John Lees method of career coaching to their existing portfolio. Although there are connections between the two days, each programme is separate. You can take one day only and you can take the days in any order.

Day 1, Tools and techniques from How to Get a Job You Love 2019-2020 Edition

Outlines the approaches and strategies used to guide client towards fields of work which they will find energising and fulfilling. This exciting one day workshop gives you the opportunity to experience a range of tools and exercises and shows how to use them to great effect with career clients. The Masterclass is open to a limited number of participants and gives you a ‘behind the scenes’ look at the following tools and exercises (some of which are not published elsewhere): Career Hot Buttons. Motivation Checklist, The JLA Skills Cards , Virtual Job , Default Mode.

At the end of the course participants will gain:

  • An insight into the limitations of traditional career change and job search advice
  • An introduction to a range of new tools and exercises
  • Techniques to help those who find are under-motivated
  • Ways to help clients who have no idea what career they want
  • Permission to use a range of JLA specific tools and exercises
  • The opportunity to join the JLA network, linking careers professionals together

Masterclass Day 2 Working with typical client problems

Gives you the opportunity to learn strategies to help with typical problem areas that you will encounter as a more experienced career coach. We look at client contracting, ‘stuck’ clients, and ways of adding greater value in the coaching process. This Day 2 Masterclass gives you a ‘behind the scenes’ look at a range of tools and exercises not used on Day 1 including an overview of networking and the art informational interviews. The day also includes a focus on the coach’s role and client expectations.


For more details of the programme download the Masterclass Information Sheet.

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John Lees’ latest revision of his seminal book both brings it firmly up to date and reinforces its now established special position as a place of reference and unusual insight.

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